Natural Fertility Success Stories

Amy’s Story

Amy came to us with difficulty conceiving. She had been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and had been trying to get pregnant for some time. Following a strict Nutrition Plan on our Natural Fertility Programme, Amy made changes to her diet and we corrected a number of nutrtional deficiences which we found. We also identified certain foods which she was intolerant to and eliminated them from her normal diet for a period of time. Before the end of the 16 week programme Amy discovered she was pregnant. She also followed a detailed supplement programme, which helped her to balance her diet and boost her fertility. Her periods became more regular and her health natural health and energy improved drastically. Read Amy’s story ….


After being diagnosed  six years ago with poly cystic ovaries , I felt that there was no help out there for me and my condition. The doctors were unable to offer me any help other than going on the pill. I knew this would only hide the symptoms not cure them. I lived with the symptoms for 5 years thinking this was just what I have to put up with now. The extra weight gain, excess hair, mood swings and lack of confidence. I felt drained every day. Then the most important question …. Children. Could I have children? Would I have to go through IVF ?After many tears I had come to accept that for me having children would be difficult if not impossible. I had started saving for IVF. 18 months of trying and going down the route of fertility tests with the doctors . I knew my body had to be in great shape for IVFI. This is when I contacted Caroline. After a consultation I thought about it a lot. I knew I had to do it for the IVF. I then started the fertility programme. Never once thinking I would fall pregnant. It was purely health reasons to prepare for IVF. Six weeks into the programme I fell pregnant. However I didn’t realize for a few months. Being used to missed periods I couldn’t bare to take a test for it to say negative. So I left it for three cycles. This was the longest time I had gone without a period. So my partner persuaded me to take the test. Sure it would say negative I took the test. To my suprise it was positive…… 6 months later I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Amira!           Amy Black