Natural Fertility Success Stories

Fertility Success Stories

  • Amy’s Story

    Amy came to us with difficulty conceiving. She had been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and had been trying to get pregnant for some time. Following a strict Nutrition Plan on our Natural Fertility Programme, Amy made changes to her diet and we corrected a number of nutrtional deficiences which we found. We also identified […]

  • Natural Fertility Success Story - Julie & Maisie

    Julie & Maisie’s Story

    Julie decided to seek Caroline’s help after years of suffering with terrible bowel problems, mood swings, depression and fertility problems. Caroline diagnosed Julie’s problem as Candida overgrowth in the bowel, which had started to affect her internal organs and reproductive cycle.

    Caroline immediately put Julie on a detox diet, which included supplements to build up the good bacteria in her bowel.

    By the third appointment, all of Julie’s symptoms had disappeared and she became pregnant with baby Maisie shortly afterwards.

  • Tina's Story

    Alison’s Story

    At the end of Alison’s treatment she conceived naturally even though she had been told by Doctor’s that she might not be able to get pregnant naturally.

    Nine months later following a trouble free pregnancy Alison gave birth to a healthy baby girl and five years on she has just had her second baby girl.

  • Natural Fertility Success Story - Amanda & Vienna

    Amanda and Vienna’s Story

    During the hour consultation that I had with Caroline I got more answers to my questions than I’d had in 20 years from Dr’s and specialists. Not only did what Caroline told me made perfect sense, it tied up all the loose ends and connected all the dots of my childhood health issues through into my teens when my hair loss started, as to the cause of all the problems and even better she told me that they could be corrected. Caroline tested me for food intolerance’s and diagnosed Candida Albicans and Zinc deficiency. She suggested a diet which I should stick to and some supplements to take.

    During Caroline’s analysis I asked If Candida could be affecting my infertility. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for two years with no success and we were about to try IVF. Immediately Caroline said she could fix the problem and I would be pregnant in no time. I was a little sceptical but hopeful. She suggested my husband should also go for a consultation and together we started our strict diet and supplement programme that Caroline outlined. We were both shocked but elated to find out that just three weeks later I was pregnant.

  • Tina’s Story

    “Words cannot express how grateful we are for all of your help and advice over the last few months in relation to our health, diet and general wellbeing.

    As you know, IVF didn’t work for us, but now we have conceived naturally and are expecting a baby boy in March. We both just wanted to say thank you so much and share this wonderful news with you as miracles really do happen!”