Boost your Fertility within 16 weeks!

Healthy Fertility depends on a well-balanced allergy free diet. With this in mind our Natural Fertility Programme has been designed to help couples boost their fertility by making changes to their diet to ensure that they were able to gain Nutrition and health.

With our experience of food allergies and nutrition and the effect it can have on our health we know it is vital for optimum fertility that you are eating the right foods for you and avoid those that don’t suit you e.g. gluten intolerance, milk allergy.

All of the couples who have conceived naturally by following the Nutrition Programme have not only been amazed at only achieving pregnancy within 16 weeks, but also the dramatic improvement in their overall own health as a result of considering their individual food intolerances and making changes to their diet and lifestyle.

Food Intolerance Testing

Food Intolerance Testing

The method used for testing for Food Intolerances is Kinesiology, which is an alternative Muscle Resistance Testing. It is a non-invasive, accurate and painless procedure which gives instant results on the day of the consultation.

You will both be tested on approximately 40 different foods during the consultation and the results will enable us to create a Personalised Nutrition Plan.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Personalised Nutrition Plan

Each client receives a Personalised Nutrition Plan with specific dietary guidelines based on the results of the testing. This includes a list of suitable foods and identifying foods which were found to be intolerant at the time of the testing.

The main aim is to provide you both with a balanced Nutrition Plan to follow for a two week period.

Any health imbalances are identified such as lack of stomach acid with the intention of correcting specific digestive or physical imbalances within the body.

Most people who suffer from IBS, fatigue, depression, skin rashes, headaches and nasal congestion are suffering from a hidden food intolerance which is causing their symptoms.

This also applies to fertility.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Plan

Vitamin and Mineral Supplement Plan

Combined with the Nutrition Food Plan, you will be checked for vitamin and mineral deficiencies and appropriate recommendations will be made where any deficiencies are found.

Good digestive health is paramount to ensure correct absorption of food and this is monitored throughout the programme.

There are many vitamin and mineral supplements essential for reproductive health which can make all the difference to your fertility.

Finally, full email support is given during the 16 weeks and progress is monitored and reviewed every two weeks. At the end of this period optimum health will be achieved and as a result optimum fertility allowing the best possible chance for natural pregnancy to occur. However, in some cases couples achieved pregnancy within the 16 weeks!