Male Fertility Questionnaire

  1. Are you aware that you have any problems with low sperm count or poor motility?
  2. Do you suffer from any known allergies?
  3. Have you had testicular cancer?
  4. Do you suffer with joint or muscular pains?
  5. Have you suffered with eczema or other skin problems during or since childhood?
  6. Do you suffer with recurrent hayfever or throat infections?
  7. Do you experience regular symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome?
  8. Do you get frequent headaches or migraines?
  9. Do you often get abdominal bloating?
  10. Have you had more than 6 courses of antibiotics for infections in your life?
  11. Do you suffer from persistent low energy?
  12. Do you smoke more than 15 cigarettes per day?
  13. Do you do less than 3 hours physical exercise a week?
  14. Do you drink more than 20 units of alcohol per week?

If you have answered yes to more than 7 questions, it is likely that your diet, allergies and/or your lifestyle are affecting your fertility chances. To find out how we can help you to improve your chances of conception, complete the form below to request a free consultation:

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