Stress & Infertility

We all have stresses in our lives but when trying for a baby, stress can be a contributing factor towards your inability to get pregnant. Nature will only let pregnancy happen if the female body is in a suitable condition.Struggling to concieve picture Stress causes abnormalities in the body and contributes towards an unsuitable environment for pregnancy. Abnormal levels of stress hormones in the system can affect sperm production and prevent or delay ovulation.

  When a couple is already stressed because of their infertility, added stresses from their lives creates a vicious cycle that affects their fertility in the first place. Meditation and allocated time for relaxation in the day is therefore essential when trying for a baby.

About Caroline Sproule

Since 1999, as a Nutritional expert I have run my own busy private practice helping men, women and children recover their health through changing the food they eat. I specialise in allergies and food intolerances and their effect on skin problems, bowel disorders and in particular infertility.

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