How your job can affect your fertility

hazardCertain kinds of work may be linked to infertility for both partners. As well as stress, other factors are main contributors towards infertility. For example, men who drive long hours as a lorry or taxi driver have been found to have a low sperm count.

Agricultural workers working closely with pesticides also have a low sperm count.

Health care workers exposed to waste anaesthetic gases, ethylene oxide, cytostatic drugs, mercury & X rays are also at risk of infertility from the exposure. E.g. Dentists or dental assistants have been found to experience fertility problems due to the mercury in amalgam fillings.

Painters and printers exposed to solvents and pigments have also been found to have low sperm counts due to daily chemical exposure.

The length of yime spent ona  computer daily may also be the culprit of infertility. One study found that women who spent more than 20 hours a week in front of a screen had twice as many miscarriages as those who spent less time in front of a screen.


About Caroline Sproule

Since 1999, as a Nutritional expert I have run my own busy private practice helping men, women and children recover their health through changing the food they eat. I specialise in allergies and food intolerances and their effect on skin problems, bowel disorders and in particular infertility.

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