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Baby Maisie Daily MailThe role of nutrition is still underestimated,but thanks to stories like Julie’s, I can see the ray of light for open-mindedness. I really hope people will start to appreciate,that what  they drink and eat affect not only their well-being,but also things like fertility.

I am so proud and pleased to see one of my clients smiling and cuddling her so long awaited child. I cannot wait to help more couples to get pregnant,by assessing their diet and approach to certain foods. Read the full story in the Daily Mail



About Caroline Sproule

Since 1999, as a Nutritional expert I have run my own busy private practice helping men, women and children recover their health through changing the food they eat. I specialise in allergies and food intolerances and their effect on skin problems, bowel disorders and in particular infertility.

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