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Daily Mail fertility feature

The role of nutrition is still underestimated,but thanks to stories like Julie’s, I can see the ray of light for open-mindedness. I really hope people will start to appreciate,that what  they drink and eat affect not only their well-being,but also things like fertility. I am so proud and pleased to see one of my clients […]

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How your job can affect your fertility

Certain kinds of work may be linked to infertility for both partners. As well as stress, other factors are main contributors towards infertility. For example, men who drive long hours as a lorry or taxi driver have been found to have a low sperm count. Agricultural workers working closely with pesticides also have a low […]

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Stress & Infertility

We all have stresses in our lives but when trying for a baby, stress can be a contributing factor towards your inability to get pregnant. Nature will only let pregnancy happen if the female body is in a suitable condition. Stress causes abnormalities in the body and contributes towards an unsuitable environment for pregnancy. Abnormal […]

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