About Us

Since 1999, as a Nutritional expert I have run my own busy private practice helping men, women and children recover their health through changing the food they eat. I specialise in allergies and food intolerances and their effect on skin problems, bowel disorders and in particular infertility.

During the past 13 years I have gained a reputation for successfully helping couples achieve pregnancy even in cases where they had been unsuccessful with IVF treatment. Read some of our success stories.

In every case, diet played a crucial part in achieving healthy fertility. In all cases nutritional deficiencies were found and every couple tested positive for at least five or more food allergies/ intolerances. Stress and lifestyle were also contributing factors to fertility problems and changes to the work life balance were also addressed in a number of cases.

I have found that optimum fertility depends on a balanced and nutrient rich diet. This can only be achieved where a client has normal digestive and bowel function where proper absorption of nutrients can take place.

It also requires equilibrium of work and lifestyle. Too much adrenal stress on either partner can have a direct detrimental effect on hormones, menstrual cycle, ovulation and sperm quality and quantity.

I set up a Natural Fertility Programme in my clinic in response to the growing number of clients achieving successful conception through diet where IVF and other methods had failed. I noticed a direct link between allergies and infertility in most of the couples who were experiencing fertility problems and we have been amazed by the results we have recorded to date. So far we have had more than 95% success rate with fertility cases.

I have written articles on fertility for the Worcestershire Living magazine and am currently continuing to work with couples suffering with Infertility with our Natural Fertility Programme.